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The Hidden Dangers of Social Media


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Everyone is now familiar with social media but what kinds of danger could it possibly hold inside?

We all know about Facebook and what information you should or should not post about yourself just incase your co-workers are checking up on you. We how to make a good first impression to your prospective employer by deleting last nights antics on your Facebook page before they check it and decided you aren’t the right fit for their company.

But what about when you post or tweet about that great new plasma you got for Christmas or your birthday? Or when you tell everyone that you are leaving town and when you are coming back. Isn’t this an open invitation for thieves to know exactly what you have and when to break in to steal it?

What about, the app that through GPS location is able to tell where exactly you are and you can upload this information through your phone so other people can also see where you are and gives you the opportunity to meet up with your friends check out locations that they might recommend etc. There is also a game element involved that allows you to reach certain levels and win prizes. Do you really want people knowing where you are all the time? What about someone who might not have your best interests at heart?

The key point is social media is great we should use it and its fun, but just be careful what you put out there about yourself and what you are doing, you never know who is reading it or watching you and what they might do with that information.

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