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Should all Businesses Blog?


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You may feel that you have a business and a website therefore you should keep up with the others around you and have a blog and join the realm of other social media. If you have fresh content to update your blog with and are willing to update the blog regularly with a predetermined strategy then blogging might be for you, other wise it might be better to spend your money and time else where.

If your website sells a service or a product, it is critical that you have a well defined plan when it comes to blogging making sure your pages are structured correctly. When you are in the service industry your blog will define you as an expert in the field giving advice and answers when needed. People will expect to come to your blog first to get answers and call on you should the need arise.

This is the same for a product driven website. If you have a few products your blog should be updated constantly to keep robot spiders visiting your site regularly. This will increase your page ranking, making sure you are one of the first pages to come up when a search is done for that particular product. If you have hundreds of pages the need to do this is not so urgent.

The worst thing is when you come across a blog that you think will give you relevant material and then you find out that the post is more than a year old and has not been updated. Worst still is when a blog only has a few posts on it and then it seems has just been left to blog waste land…forgotten and left never to be returned to…. Don’t let this happen to yours!

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