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Picking the Right Domain Name

It is surprising how many people do not put enough thought into picking a domain name. The domain name for your website should be thought about in depth and some key factors should be considered.

Your domain name should be easy to spell and easy to remember. If a visitor cannot remember how to spell you domain they might try a few times and then give up. A name initially may sound catchy and good to use but if you think that some people may have a hard time spelling it or remembering it, then it is time to  move on to some thing else.

Another point that continues on from this theme is to keep the name short. Remember someone has to type in this name each time they want to visit your domain. A long name can leave the door open for mistakes and errors. People are more likely to remember a shorter name and also spell it correctly so that they can reach your site!

The next point to consider is going with a dot com instead of any of the other extensions like: abc.org, or abc.net. There may be certain cases where these extensions are valid but in most instances people always think that a website has a dot com extension and will try to put it even if it is wrong. You want to make sure that every possible click comes to your site so it is best to start off with a dot com.

You also want to make sure that you don’t use numbers and hyphens in you domain name. Most people forget them and if you are using them to distinguish yourself from another website out there, you may be sending people to their site instead of yours and losing clicks in the process.

The main issue is to use as many of these points as possible so that your domain name can make you website successful. Although you may not be able to adhere to some of these points, sticking with most of them should ensure that your website is on the road to success. If you need further help designing or defining your website the give Absolute Web Services a call at 305 937-2526 to schedule an appointment.

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