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New Feature Alert! Instagram Checkout

Coming soon to an Instagram feed near you: Instagram Checkout!

Instagram has announced a new feature called Checkout bringing e-commerce to the app. Users will be able to buy products through their Instagram feeds. Shopify has been influential in developing this feature. They were one of the first e-commerce companies to bring a shopping feature to the app.

E-commerce is a growing industry causing retailers to close their brick and mortar locations. With the growth of social media, it was only a matter of time before these two industries collided. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal are the currently accepted payment methods.

How to buy using Instagram Checkout

To buy something through Instagram checkout:

  1. Tap any post that has a ig-checkout icon
  2. Tap again to reveal the item name and price.
  3. Tap any price tag to see product details and if Instagram checkout is available.
  4. Select the specifications for the product you want to buy (for example color, size).
  5. Tap Checkout on Instagram.
  6. Enter your contact information. Then tap Next.
  7. Enter your Delivery Info.
  8. Enter your card or PayPal info on the Payment Method page if it’s your first time. Then tap Next.
  9. Review your order details then tap Place Order.

Once you place your order, you’ll see the option to create a PIN for easy and secure checkout for future orders.

Currently in Beta for Businesses

Keep an eye out for posts with a ig-checkout shopping icon. Checkout is currently in beta testing within the U.S. Market. They have selected a limited number of brands, such as Adidas, Burberry, Dior, H&M, Nike, Zara, and others. Instagram has partnered with  E-commerce technology companies such as Shopify, CommerceHub, ChannelAdvisor.

Pros and Cons of the new Checkout Feature Are:

    • Pro: Increase sales and provide convenience for customers with a quicker sales process
    • Con:  Instagram will take a cut of the sale which has not yet been announced> as it is still in Beta testing
    • Pro: Reach the largest generation with the most buying power, Millennials. They are the most active generation with the largest buying power.
    • Con: Due to recent privacy issues with Facebook, buyers might be hesitant to use the feature.
    • Pro: Increase discoverability of products through stories and posts
    • Con: Currently in Beta testing with Major Brands and no official date for full launch.

Instagram continues to push the envelope with this new feature. As specialists in E-commerce, we are excited to work with the new Checkout feature! Contact us at Absolute Web Services to see how we can help with your next web project. We are recognized as a top Florida Digital Marketing Company on DesignRush.

Check back in with us as this new feature rolls out to see how we can use it to grow your business!

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