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iPhone 4 Saftey

When you got your new iPhone (if you got one…) were you in a rush to try it out, did you read through all the information first and then switch it on or did you just wing it? If you are like many of us you didnt read most of the info that came with the iPhone and were just happy to show off your new purchase and start many calls.

Did you know that in that information was a little piece of paper telling you to keep the phone away from your body…at least 5/8 inches away while using it. Who does that?

Most people have their phone pressed up to their ear as they chat away for hours. These warnings come from mixed information in the past that has warned that cell phone usage could be linked to cancer as it is thought that cell phones are like small microwaves which emmit radiation which could then lead to cancer concerns if there is prolonged usage. While it is still not known if you can get cancer from your cell phone. Here are a few options that you can use to at least cut down on any potential risk that may be caused by your cell phone usage.

1.Use your speaker on your cell phone as much as possible, better yet get a headset or if your car has blue tooth use it. This way your phone is not next to your head all the time.

2.Try not to make calls when you have a weak signal. If you cant hear someone you are more likely to press the phone up to your head even closer. If you cell phone is having a hard time finding a signal it could put our even more energy which could mean more radiation.

3.Use text more ofter than making calls, it could actually save you money and time. If I speak to someone I usually spend longer on the phone talking about aother topics than if I were to send a short text.

These are just a few pointers to be aware of. Once again it is not a proven fact that cell phones can lead to cancer but if your cell phone company is mentionioning it( even if you didnt read the paper) then it might be advisable to take note!

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