Finding Wine

Finding.Wine is an online store with thousands of bottles of wine, catering to wine lovers with both inexpensive wine alternatives and hard to find, vintage, collections. Their vast category gives something for every kind of wine drinker!
A brand new website to aide wine drinkers to finding their perfect bottle!
Finding.Wine tasked Absolute Web Services with creating a brand new, custom web design, that would help people find the perfect bottle for them! Using advanced technology features such as custom web banner, and the integration of wine reviews from several prominent reviewers to really revolutionize the online wine buying experience. In addition, AWS created a custom image zoom engine to show buyers crisp, high-definition, views of the bottle to avoid any mistaken bottle order or confusing one type of brand/bottle for another!
Finding.Wine with Shopify and Absolute Web developed a website with advanced features allowing visitors to enjoy evening dinners with the perfect bottle of wine!

Project Summary

  • Custom UI/UX
  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive
  • Google Analytics
  • Sorfting/Filtering Criteria
  • Age Verification Pop-Up
  • Advanced Search
  • XML Product Feed
  • Purchasable Events
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Dropdown Menu
  • Image Editing


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