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How A Custom Video Can Greatly Help Your Business

If your business released a message to the public but no one remembers it, did it really happen?

All your business will do is make a sound, but no noise. And for this reason, Absolute Web Services,  can help increase visitor engagement by creating customized company videos to speak to an audience and create an impact.

Today we are seeing video everywhere. Why? Because video is a triple threat. It’s seducing, engaging, and informative.

When your website has video, you’re humanizing your business through a 100% human connection, and that builds TRUST.  Which we all know is the foundation for great relationships to build with future clients no matter what industry you are in.

Plus, if you want visitors to go to your site to share and interact with your content, delivering it via video is the best way to go ,which benefits you in the search engine rankings. And from our experience, consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, and  and 58 percent more likely to give that video alike.

The truth is every website needs video content and our Miami Video Production team can create a unique and innovative video to meet your businesses needs.  See the amazing benefits below by integrating custom video onto your website.



Drive traffic to your website

Search engines love fresh unique new content. Unique, as an engaging blog post, , or a custom video.  As you may or may not know, creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors. At Absolute Web Services we can create whatever video you need , introductory videos, tutorial/explanation videos, and web video marketing plans. We then distribute them across various social media channels through Youtube (did we mention that Google owns YouTube), Facebook, Vimeo, and many others. Not only that, but our SEO team will create video descriptions that search engines (and people) love. We dedicate our time to properly optimize your videos and multiply the search engine bump by using targeted keywords in the video title, tags and description. The graph below illustrates the percentage of marketing respondents that heavily use videos as a marketing tool on their websites.

Source: Forbes.com

Deliver your message faster

Reading dials up our attention span. That means that careful reading is not an automatic process , and it’s something people just don’t often have the time for. The faster & more easily they can learn about your business, product or service the more advantage you have of engaging visitors. By letting your visitors watch a video , your giving a  passive outlet to send as much information without expediting  much energy from the visitor. Don’t get rid of your text completely, just compliment your website copy with a video and strengthen your message .


Give Your Company a Personality

Do people really get a feel of what your company is from your “get to know us” profiles? Is it really necessary to let your visitors know about one of your worker’s devoted cat loving admiration? We don’t think so.

Accurately present your company’s personality and culture through a custom video. This is your time to let your company shine and invite your visitors into your home. You can be as hip as you want,  while showing that you are dedicated to solving  your customer’s needs. We  can create profile videos to give a true representation of your business employees. We  make sure to  highlight creative, engaging success stories around your business. We can even add real client testimonials is a great way to let visitors know the great fortune of your business.



Engage Your Website Visitors

As mentioned above, custom video is a great way to bring get them to focus on your message and have visitors spend more time on your website, which exposes them more to your value proposition and call to action.

Custom video offers the unique advantage over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it SHOWS them. This is proven to help visitors learn and remember information better if they are actively engaged. Our video production team can create custom  videos to accomplish the goals of your business while actively engaging visitors. 



If you are ready to build trust, relationships,  credibility , and confidence to your consumers, then having a customized video is the solution you need. Online video is a cost-effective solution that generates great long term value as it is no longer considered a trend but a necessity for your business. Call us today to see the many creative solutions  we offer to create the perfect video for your business.






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