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Why a Blog Is Important For Your Business.

Some businesses have a blog and others don’t. The power of blogging can be misunderstood. May be its time to see if your business should start a blog and reap the benefits while it’s not too late. Here are just a few pointers as to how a blog page can work for you.

A blog from Blog Spot (http://www.blogspot.com) allows you and your readers to stay in touch, attracting a target audience that has interest in your information and services. This brings traffic to your website and allows you to develop your brand image. Brand familiarity is the key in distinguishing yourself from your competitors.

A blog is free advertising! Couldn’t any business use free advertising? The news of hiring a star new employee to head a new department, rolling out a new product or service that your customers have been waiting for, is all information that companies blog about regularly. Why would you waste money and time on print ad space when you can notify your customers of new products immediately on their Blackberry or iPhone?

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