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When to Send Out E-mails


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Previously on Miami web design we had posted on the value of using e-mail as a marketing tool. But have you thought about the time or the day that you send out your emails? Do you just send them out when you are ready to go or do you think about what you are doing and schedule your email blasts?

Research now shows that the time of the day that you send out an email and indeed the day of the week also matters. This is key information, it is vital that you send out e-mails that are likely to be read instead on moved straight to the trash bin.

Research has found that the best time to send an email for it to be opened is around midday on a week day (probably because everyone is in a rush in the morning and when the get to the office they only open up work related email, then gets on with the days work). Lunch time is the time when many people are on lunch breaks eating and checking mail.

During the week end the time for people to open their email stays high through out the day, meaning people have more time to spend on themselves reading and relaxing. We hope that you remember these pointers when you do your email marketing.

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