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The War Over Social Sharing: Custom Social Media Buttons

If you type in a search for “do social sharing buttons work” the results will be split down the middle. One consensus is that too many social sharing buttons can be damaging to a site’s performance and user experience. Another crowd screams that all the social media sharing icons in the world should be included to improve content proliferation.

The two sides are in conflict. At Absolute Web Services, we believe there is a middle ground to solve the war over social sharing once and for all.

Social Media in Design

With anything in life, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Social sharing buttons are a great example of people (designers for shame) doing way too much. If you are going to use social sharing buttons, they need to be well designed.

We would like to think that Absolute Web Services is a good example of design integration. Our social media profiles are easily accessed from any and every page. The design isn’t interrupted and color schemes are maintained, even directing a call to action to the “Get a Quote” button.

As far as social sharing buttons go, we went with the more minimal design. Each blog post has a select group of social media shortcuts that are integrated into the blog design. The non-intrusive nature of the custom buttons allows people to read without interruption, and then share if they want to.

We could have included every popular social media platform on the web, but just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. The worst thing you can do is design a website that annoys and frustrates visitors.

If you want your content to be shared, a couple of social sharing buttons are a good idea. There is no reason to interrupt the design of your website. Our design team crafts custom social media and social sharing buttons to match the aesthetics of your website.

Jarring a visitor from their site experience should be avoided at all costs. A high bounce rate can drastically affect rankings and actual sales. Don’t have the design chops to create custom social buttons? We’ve got you covered.


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