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Verizon to Start Selling iPhone

Verizon finally made the announcement that it will start to sell the iPhone in February. Cell phome subscribers that were not with AT&T have been waiting for months to find out if another subscriber would carry the phone or whether AT&T would maintain the monopoly. iPhone users are also happy to have a choice of carriers…..but there is a catch!

Verizon’s iPhone version will work only on the carrier’s current “3G” network even though they have a faster “4G” network in many cities. This means that users will have much lower data speeds than in the areas where AT&T has upgraded its 3G to higher speeds. The international roaming through Verizon will be limited compared with AT&T.

In summer, AT&T may have an advantage as Apple is to unveil a new iPhone model.

Verizon’s iPhone 4 is identical in form and function to AT&T’s but has one feature AT&T’s does not: It can act as a portable Wi-Fi “hot spot. This allows it to connect up to five laptops or other devices to Verizon’s 3G network through Wi-Fi.

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