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Top Social Networking Sites for Web Designers

Quality web designers are difficult to find, but there are several great social networking sites created with creative people in mind to help connect employers with talented web designers. We would like to review top five social networking sites that would definitely help web designers get some inspiration. By creating on online portfolio as a web design professional or Miami web design company, you can reach out to a multitude of new contacts, all looking for the same thing. These sites allow web designers to create truly unique online portfolios to send to potential employers and also allow web design companies to find a new outlet to promote their business.

Below are some of the best social networking sites for web designers and other creative professionals to create award –winning portfolios.

1)      Dribbble – Dribbble is one of the premier social networking sites for web designers and graphic designers. Companies can also utilize Dribble to create either an account to profile their work, or an account to help them hire prospective web designers for various projects. This is the prefect platform to connect with potential employers and other designers that are all trying to promote their skills.

2)      Cargo – Cargo is another excellent online portfolio site for web designers. What is truly great about it is that each designer gets a unique URL to help them promote their work. This site is by invite only, so it is good to network with other web designers on the site to earn an invite to come in. The exclusivity is really important to its overall goals and reputation.

3)      Behance – Behance is probably one of the most long-lasting portfolio sites in existence for web designers and other creative types. Both companies and freelancers can create portfolios to showcase their work. This site is also well known for the large amount of web traffic it gets, so providing a solid and regularly updated portfolio on this site will be very advantageous to any web designer’s career.

4)      Pixel Groovy – Pixel Groovy is another popular portfolio site for designers. One really great aspect of the site is its multiple tutorials, most of which are user-submitted. Pixel Groovy allows designers to both showcase their work as well as learn from other designers that are posting tutorials on the site. The best tutorials will appear on the home page daily.

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