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Tips for Hiring New Employees in a Small Business Setting (1)

Tips for Hiring New Employees in a Small Business Setting

When hiring new employees for a small business, picking the right candidate is incredibly important. Just looking at it from a financial standpoint, hiring a new employee costs a great deal of money. You are already probably spending plenty of money on Miami web design and Miami Internet marketing, so there is no room to get lost in overpaying a new employee. This is not just in regards to their salary, but all the money that is required to train them and then take care of them in regards to taxes and employee benefits. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that employees that are hired at a small business be there for a long time. Small businesses cannot afford to hire employees that leave after a couple of months. They need to hire long-term employees, so it is a bad practice to hire employees without taking a lot of precautions ahead of time. Here are some helpful tips to hire new employees for your small business.

1)      Have candidates come in for a trial work day – Right now, it truly is an employer’s market. So where previously, potential employees would never give out a day of free work, it has become rather commonplace for employers to test out employees for a day or two and see how they work out before hiring them full time. There are many more people in the workplace that are not currently employed, so they can sacrifice a day if it means the potential for a full-time position is created. After a positive interview with a potential employee, ask them to come in and work for one day (or a half day) alongside your other employees. See how well they mesh with the other people in the office and how quickly they can perform the tasks they claimed to be proficient at in the interview. If after both an interview and a day on the job, you still feel confident in hiring a candidate, then you should have enough information to move forward.

2)      Clearly Define Each Individual’s Role – One of the main problems that typically surfaces in a small business occurs when professional roles are not clearly defined. Many people, who were hired to do one job, end up picking up the slack for multiple other job roles. This is where the workplace can turn ugly quickly. When employees feel like extra work is being placed on them without regard to their role, they can become bitter and produce less work because they feel taken advantage of. Although this is never the right way to handle things, it certainly seems to be a part of human nature. When hiring a new employee, be sure to clearly define their role in the workplace and stick to it. If you need to change their duties, ask them first, and offer compensation for a job well done. Giving an employee duties that are outside the scope of their job without even discussing it with them is a recipe for disaster.

3)      Keep your Hiring Convictions strong – Sometimes we lose someone on our team and we become desperate to replace them right away. Resist the urge to hire the first person that comes through the door just because you need someone to fill the empty slot. Consider hiring freelancers until you can fill the position full-time, and remember that freelancers often prove to be very valuable and can often open the door to finding new and long-lasing employees.

In your small business, how do you handle hiring procedures? Do you follow any of the advice in the previous article? Do you have any other advice to offer small business owners? Comment below and share your thoughts on small business hiring!

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