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Social Media Engagement Tips for Small Businesses


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Social Media Engagement Tips
Social Media Engagement Tips – Absolute Web Services

With a small business, the marketing budget is often small as well. This makes it important to be able to stretch that budget as far as it can go. Miami Internet marketing would like to present a few social media engagement tips that become particularly valuable, since online marketing can reach a much wider audience for far less money than traditional marketing techniques.

Social networking has emerged as one of the best (and practically free) ways to market a small business. What is vital to make social networking effective in marketing your small business is to be regularly engaged with fans and followers. Since each social networking site has a different way of engaging users and sharing data, it is important to attack engagement on each site in the appropriate manner. Here are some basic tips for social networking engagement on the top social networking sites:


Facebook is driven by “likes,” “comments,” and “shares.” Facebook brand pages are especially useful for small businesses because it allows them to present their company in a more personal and approachable way. It also gives fans an outlet to vent any frustrations they may be experiencing with their products or services. Customer service on Facebook is, therefore, key. Make sure to respond to any posts on the brand page, whether they are positive or negative. On positive posts, a quick “Thank you!” is sufficient, and keeps it professional. On negative posts, be sure to address the concern, issue necessary apologies and make good on any promises to fix the issue.

Another helpful engagement tactic on Facebook is to post photos and videos that you encourage fans to “like,” and “share.” When posts are “liked” on Facebook, the friends of that user can usually see this activity, and when the posts are shared, they reach and even larger audience, and allow those people to “like” and “share” the post too. Viral posts on Facebook are marketing gold.


Twitter is largely focused on #hashtag trends, mentions and retweets. #Hashtag trends are probably one of the most important engagement features Twitter offers. Basically, certain keywords or phrases trend on Twitter and when placed within a 140-character tweet, that tweet becomes part of the trend and can reach a larger audience.

Mentions are also useful, and can be easily achieved by providing them for others. A simple way to do so is to participate in what is called “Friend Friday.” People use the hashtag #FF and then mention multiple people’s usernames by using the @ symbol followed by their handle.

Many people will Retweet those #FF tweets, so this allows you to achieve more mentions. The retweet basically means that someone has enjoyed what a person said and decided to send it to all their followers. Encouraging mentions and retweets can get your messages out to a much larger audience.


Pinterest is a relatively new social platform, but it has grown astronomically over the short time it has been available. On Pinterest, users can “Pin” photos with short captions onto their online cork boards. Basically, as photos are shared on more and more Pinterest boards, they gain a better following.

Many eCommerce stores have been adding “Pin it” buttons next to items in their stores. This way, even if the person who first views the product doesn’t buy it, if they at least “Pin it” everyone who follows their Pinterest board will see it and be immediately directed back to where they can buy it.


Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for your small business social media marketing? How have you been taking care of engagement with your fans? Comment below and share any new tips for social media engagement!

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