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Should You Use Facebook’s Promoted Posts?

Facebook offers a service for business owners called a Promoted Post, which basically means you pay to promote a specific post which will appear in the news feed of every fan. As you may know, a great deal of content is posted on Facebook every day, so without using a promoted post the website will use an algorithm to determine which of your posts are normally put into the news feeds of fans.

If you have a very important event, sale or announcement or just something you want to put in front of as many people as possible, a promoted post may be a great tool.

So what is the promoted post exactly?

These are really just normal status updates or Facebook posts on your page that get served to more of your fans when you pay a small fee. These posts will appear like all other posts on the news feed of your fans, except the post will be labelled “sponsored” at the bottom, as you can see in the image above.

Promoted posts work best when they’re interactive or draw fans in to engage with the post, this way they will also be seen by friends of your fans. The more likes and comments these posts get, the more eyes will see them. It’s important to make sure you’re promoting strong and stimulating content to ensure this success.

Along with using a promoted post to promote a sale, giveaway or event, you can also use these posts to improve your Edgerank score, which helps your other non-promoted posts appear for more fans on their news feed.

Facebook is also testing a new type of promoted posts, which can appear on a user’s news feed from pages or businesses they haven’t liked, including brands they’ve never heard of. This new format will give marketers a greater edge to promote their brand to users who have no affiliation with them on Facebook.

Want to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Facebook Sponsored Posts may be a good option to reach more potential customers in your area.

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