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SEO Vs SMO (or both?)

SEO Vs SMO (or both?)

Getting traffic. If all internet-based business could be summed up in two words, “getting traffic” would be it. The businesses evolving around increasing traffic to websites seek new avenues of expansion everyday. SEO and SMO are two tactics that are becoming more and more essential to internet marketing. Deciding what to focus efforts on is impossible without the right information, so read up.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Chances are, if you own a business, you are quite familiar with SEO. Heck, maybe you even despise it. Put simply, search engine optim

ization is the act of improving a website for the express intent to get higher ratings on search engines like Google a

nd Bing. The philosophy behind SEO can vary, but most seek a first page ranking for a set of keywords that apply to their business.

Their are billions of sites, millions alone on specific topics. This makes climbing search results a time consuming and extensive task. It can

take months, even years to climb the ratings for a topic that has a lot of competition, but the upside of accomplishing the task is high. Getting traffic from being on the first page of search results for a keyword is almost a certainty.


Social Media OptimizationSMO – Social Media Optimization

SMO is kind of like the young, talented brother of SEO. Social Media Optimization is the act of setting up and constantly updating social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, and much, much more. The ultimate goal of SMO is, again, getting traffic from unique users. Social media optimization targets actual individuals rather than individuals and the search engines they use.

SMO requires more time and focus on attention grabbers and updated content than SEO does. The benefit of SMO can often be seen a bit quicker than SEO, but social media optimization can also stall out at any point. If constant updates and connection with followers and friends is not maintained, SMO can degrade and end in much fewer results than SEO.


For the best results, internet businesses should ignore the versus aspect and use both tactics. These two internet marketing tactics combined are capable of driving immense amounts of traffic towards a site. When completed successfully, these two strategies are able to draw in traffic month after month. Search engine optimization and social media optimization is not, however, easy. Most businesses choose to farm out these tasks to business that offer internet marketing support.

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