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Running Your Own Social Media and Building a Loyal Following


One of the most powerful social media tools for small business is, well, you. People choose to spend their money and time with your business, and it only makes sense that personal involvement with those people leads to further loyalty. Building a following that values your social media posts and brings in customers and clientele doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Absolute Web Services is here to help you get started on the road to effective social media marketing.


Sometimes, the most valuable resource for social media is the time and expertise of business owners and employees. You know why you started your business. You understand the passion behind the industry. Share your passion for your business with the world.


Social Media Infographic

How to Approach Social Media


Business owners who take social media seriously stand to gain a large audience. At Absolute Web Services, we understand that not all small business owners have time to devote the right amount of attention to platforms like Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. We like to work hand in hand with clients to develop a social media strategy that works.


The most important part of social media, however, is being consistent. Posting on a bunch of social media platforms haphazardly is time consuming and unproductive. Believe it or not, a great starting point for this online marketing venture takes just 30 minutes a day. Check out the info graphic on the right for some tips on effective social media in just half an hour each day.


Be Yourself


The real benefit of doing social media yourself is injecting your own personality into the posts. Identifying with a potential client base is a great way to get people from their keyboard and into your store. If you don’t have 30 minutes per day, Absolute Web Services has the experience to use your business activities as a basis for media posting.


The key to gaining an audience in social media is being honest and connecting with people at a personal level. It is “social” media after all. Don’tbe too sales oriented, don’t ignore discussion and comments, and identify with people as a person.


For the interactive elements of social media like Facebook and Twitter, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars a year. You have to spend time. You have to identify with your customers. And, most importantly of all, you have to be active.

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