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Predicting Shifts – New Digital Norms in 2030

I am guilty of thinking Matthew Mcconaughey Lincoln commercials are epic. One of the most recent runs led to a thought provoking monologue in which Mcconaughey says:

“Sometimes you gotta go back… to actually move forward. And I don’t mean going back to reminisce or chase ghosts… We go back to see where you came from, where you’ve been, how you got here

See where you’re going…

I know there are those that say you can’t go back…Yes you can.

You just have to look in the right place. “

Which begs the question why I am I referencing an automotive commercial’s star monologue in a blog post about ecommerce? Simple, sometimes you have to go back to see where you’re going and look in the right places.

Having a successful ecommerce depends on your ability to identify trends and what will be the new norm. So, risking to be horribly wrong and in the spirit of fortune telling, I am going to hit you with my top three shifts I think will be the new norm by 2030.

Why should you care? Because those that jumped into the dynamic website game, leaving behind the flash non-sense, those that embraced content management systems, ecommerce platforms, and the mobile revolution today have the BIGGEST piece of the pie.

Want a bigger piece of the pie? Pay close attention.


1. Paid Media Alternatives

I start with a disclaimer, by no means am I suggesting Google will be out of business, even Facebook for that matter. They have shown an aggressive acquisition strategy in buying promising technologies and incorporating them within their ecosystem… Sometimes it has led to losses (Google Glasses) and sometimes to massive success (Facebook buying Instagram).

What I am saying is I am already seeing some CPC fatigue. Initially the idea of paying for what AN actual click to your website was appealing. Now? In this Digital Game of Thrones, content is making its way to becoming the realms king.

I think a flexible media attainment universe will be created with the sole purpose of making content actionable.

What do I mean? Let me give you an example:

You own a clothing company selling strictly online. The first question the market will ask is… why buy from you? Your answer? Well, it’s your story. You sell hand-crafted items, exclusive, only one size per design for one person. You’re exclusive and promote the act of standing out. Your retail cost is more expensive than most (remember you only sell one item per size per design!)

A CPC media attainment model, well, doesn’t quite tell your story. How about if you had a different model? A CPUA or Cost Per User Action? The world shifts from PROPERTIES being the of value asset to PEOPLE being the of value asset.

Wouldn’t you rather pay for a user action that leads to user sales than a cost per click from a property to another property to them reading your story to deciding whether to buy or not?

I am not sure who or how this will get organized, and working to be a powerhouse like Google Adwords but I do see a shift where we remember:

People buy from people. You see, that phrase was popular in the 80’s… Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.


2. Digital Everything

I truly believe by 2030 our Digital Lives will be the only lives and off the grid will not be an option. We are already heading there, so what I am saying should come as no surprise…

Here’s what might be surprising. The internet gave tremendous access and ability to entrepreneurs and small business to massively increase their foot-print and take on the big corporations. I fear the digital everything will have have an opposite impact.

Let me explain:

The deaths of traditional media have been over exaggerated… TV, Radio, Satellite, GPS, etc… ARE NOT GOING TO DIE.

They are going to be disrupted. We missed a tremendous opportunity here… All of these aforementioned platforms were ripe for disruption like Uber to Taxis, but we didn’t capitalize.

Do you know who will disrupt these platforms and integrate with large media powerhouses? The Comcast, Westgates, and other large corporations.

We will see the PR/Advertising Agency get a second life because with content and stories becoming the most valuable asset, they remain experts in creating narratives.

Digital Everything will consist of a complete EcoSystem on all devices (and by 2030 all devices will have internet).

I predict a landscape of our car Radio Being Podcasts, our TV being streaming libraries, and our GPS’s being life instruments. Do I mention this to be doom and gloom? Nope… I say this to tell you… Even if you’re “just” an ecommerce store… Start Podcasting, Start having Video Content, Start engaging GPS applications for advertising… Get rolled INTO the big corporation buy outs and not sitting on the outside paying the massive premiums to get in.



Speed, speed, speed! And forget how FAST a site goes… That shift has been relevant since generic agencies started using reports to tell you why your website doesn’t perform… I mean SPEED of Programming or Adaptability.

Any programmer not developing on a framework that allows for even complex tasks to be done at never-before-seen speed will not be a programmer for much longer.

Today, in 2017, the most difficult conversation to explain to a client is that “moving this” from here to here and “adding this” here… is not like “real life” where you move a furniture or a chair… That’s the most difficult concept for the non-developing type. By 2030? The only life we know is digital life.

True developers will be programming anticipation (years before a feature is needed it’s available in the library) What’s the library?

In a connected world there will be a library of features that seamlessly integrate into your platform… like moving furniture.

Adaptability in a digital everything world will be crucial.
So these are my shifts that will be the new norm by 2030. Think I got them right? What do you think will be the new norms? Comment below and let us know!


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