Absolute Web is hosting EEE Miami 2023 event, headlined by Kevin O'Leary
We are hosting EEE Miami, headlined by Kevin O'Leary
Vital Scripts | Medical Website Design by Absolute Web Services Design

Vital Scripts

Vital Scripts is a physician-run health information company that was established to empower people to make the best lifestyle changes. This health information company constantly updates a detailed guide on the best practices to maintain and improve overall health. Whether at the grocery store, at the doctor, or in the home, Vital Scripts offers a medical professional’s guide to living a healthier, more active life.

The Medical Website Design Team at Absolute Web Services in Miami built VitalScripts.com with a simplicity of design with a stable programming architecture. VitalScripts.com makes it easy to find information, share it, and learn a healthier lifestyle.

Project Summary

  • Custom Web Design
  • Custom Blog Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Friendly Optimization
  • Search Engine Friendly URL Architecture
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Programming of the Inquiry Form


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