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Drink Valet


Drink Valet came to our mobile application development team with  their vision  of improving people’s experience when spending a night out on the town. Drink Valet was formed around the idea that everyone deserves to spend less time in line and more time enjoying life.


Our main goal was to create a point of sale system by using brain tree payment. A robust payment processing company that happened to be so good it was purchased by PayPal . By integrating this, it allows consumers to order and pay for drinks in hospitality venues from the convenience of  their phone.

How It Works

  1.  Register a DrinkValet account
  2.  Choose your location
  3.  Browse drink categories
  4. Add items to cart, and
    select liquor variation
  5. Select Checkout
  6. Choose a new or
    existing credit card and
    click “Purchase”.
  7.  You will receive a text
    when your order is
  8.  Pick up order at bar
    counter or have server
    deliver the order

Project Summary

  • Custom UI Design
  • Compatible with iOS/Android
  • Braintree Payment Integration
  • Ability to search venues by ZIP code / City name within a specific radius
  • Drink Valet app works simultaneously with Drink Valet “bartender app” that runs on any Tablet device

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