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Pinterest and Instagram allows you to purchase from app

Pinterest and Instagram Allows You to Buy What You Like

Gone will be the days Instagram and Pinterest were known solely as platforms to inspire their community. Soon users will finally be able to take action to buy items they see, as businesses on Pinterest and Instagram will finally provide users a satisfactory feeling between liking an item and finally having that item.

With over 300 million users combined, Pinterest and Instagram will become the biggest virtual mall thanks to new buying features that are to be released this summer. Retailers will soon be getting an opportunity to significantly multiply their dollar signs by utilizing the apps as an ecommerce platform. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Pinterest’s Features Buyable Pins, Allowing you to Purchase Items within the App

Pinterest users are loyal browsers who want to experience something new that is related pretty much to anything from health and fitness and ending with wedding planning and photography. Users can like and save their pins, as well as, share them with their friends.

But in a few weeks from now, users can enjoy Pinterest experience to another level and buy what they have just discovered! That is right, Pinterest will launch a Buy It button that will offer products to purchase directly within the app without leaving the platform. Pinners will see a blue “buy this” button right next to the “pin it” button and that is what users have wished for quite some time now. One of the first retailers utilizing this feature will include big brands such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Michaels. As of now, Buy It pins will be available in North America initially for iOS users. Don’t worry Android lovers, your turn will come as Pinterest will soon announce the official launch dates.

Instagram Will Allow You to Make Your Account “Shoppable”

Also joining this trend is powerhouse social media app, Instagram. Previously, Instagram’s main hindrance for e-commerce functionality was the lack of hyperlinks in photo captions which would  prove to be Pinterest Ecommerce Platform Feature a disappointment for social media marketers; but soon enough, Instagram users will now see ads with “Shop Now” buttons and other messages that link outside the app so users can take marketable action, while targeting their advertisements to the right people. The new launches are great news for retail businesses, as social media selling just got a whole lot easier. Now shopaholics might face a bigger shopping bill and we know where to put the blame.

Luckily, this new feature will not be limited to only big retailers. Instagram is promising businesses of all sizes an opportunity to promote their posts. For startup retailers on Instagram, the news is even more exciting since they won’t need to pay a certain commission from their transactions. Instead, Instagram chose to profit from promoting the Shop now in order to gather more views.

And with the reported results from Instagram ads, the feature is sure to be popular among brands: according to a Nielsen Brand Effect survey cited on Instagram’s blog, ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram was almost 3 times higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. With the implementation of this new feature, we can expect conversion rates for big retailer and popular businesses to skyrocket!

One thing is certain, there is a demand that people want to take action and both platforms show a promising future to big and small retail businesses. But the big winner here are small businesses. These new features will be a breakthrough for small online retailers to expand their brands to people who otherwise would never have found them. They will be able to cultivate new followers and ultimately convert them into shoppers.


4 thoughts on “Pinterest and Instagram Allows You to Buy What You Like”

  • Good news for retailers, especially in fashion industry and other, whose target audience are women.

  • Good news for retailers, especially in fashion industry and other whose target audience are women.

  • Fancy and Wish already do the same thing as Pinterest. Pinterest is just adjusting to whatever they see is working. Although they have an advantage of course – with such a huge database of users who come to the Pinterest to find new interesting products

  • I agree. And for small businesses too, thousands of Shopify stores are the first to join.
    Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom are already on board with these buyable pins too.

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