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Free Photo Resources for Web Design in Miami

Free Photo Resources for Web Design in Miami

Getting the right stock photo is a battle blogs and websites fight almost every day. The best photos for use in web design in Miami are always going to cost a pretty penny, but there are free web design options that can fill the gaps. Instead of heading out to iStockPhoto and Fotolia and paying for individual images or subscriptions, some turn to free resources for certain types of images. Although not all images can be found for free, some resources do provide incredible images completely free for use.


The Government and Free Photos

The amount of government websites that offer free, high quality photos is kind of unbelievable. Need an image of nature? Bees, plants, agriculture, and agricultural research photos are completely free through the ARS US government website. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service website has a completely separate database that is also full of images for use by absolutely anyone.

Government photos do not end at nature. Most types of research and science websites can get a large amount of high quality images though government websites. Another area that is rife with free government photos is disaster, disaster recovery, and military related images. The FEMA website has more than 16,000 photos available for use by the public. There are many government websites to pull high quality photos from for use on various types of websites.


Wikimedia Commons

Treasure Web Design in Miami

You know Wikipedia offers free information, but did you know that Wikimedia Commons offers free images and videos for anyone to

use? The library isn’t small, either. With over 17 million free media files and counting, individuals can find an image for almost any purpose. For instance, I entered the search term “treasure map”. The search query resulted in 193 free to use media files. Below is an example image that the search turned up.

Iconic Images for Web Design in Miami

The magazine Life ran images for years. Many of those images are now in the public domain, and Google offers a great tool for it. When searching anything on Google, all a user has to do is add in source:life after the search query to results from this archive. As a search tool, this option is a great resource for web design in Miami and many other design needs.

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