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Optimize Conversion Rate

If you are new to eCommerce I think your first question is:

What is a conversion?

That’s a great question!

A conversion is when a visitor on your website takes the action you want them to take.


Let me give you some examples:

If you sell sneakers online, a conversion is when the person adds a product to the cart and completes the buying process.

Alternatively, if you own a roofing company, a conversion filling out a request quote form and submitting.

Once again, a conversion is when a visitor on your website takes the action you want them to take.

And how do you make your visitors take this action? Well, that’s the process of increasing your conversion rate and optimizing your page to increase your business!

In today’s blog post we will cover three very simple ways to help you optimize your conversion rate and grow your business.

Before I dive into the actual suggestions on optimizing your conversion rate, I want to give you a little cheat-sheet on commonly mentioned acronyms that will help you digest the tips better.


Call to Action (CTA)

A button, link, or UI element that asks a user to take an action. Think “Buy Now”, “Sign Up”, or a “Download Now”.


Conversion Funnel

The primary pathway (or flow) of the user experience where visitors complete a conversion. On Amazon.com the funnel may be Home page > search results page > product page > checkout.


A/B or Split Testing

Testing two versions of an interface/element against each other to figure out a winning recipe.

Here are some important stats we will also mention:


Bounce Rate:

Your Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who leave after viewing a single page.


Exit Rate:

You also have a specific Exit Rate for each page; it’s the percentage of people who leave after viewing the page.


Average Time on Site

An Engagement Metric, the Average Time on Site of users gives you a general idea how long people are sticking around.


Average Page Views

Similarly, Average Page Views is an Engagement Metric that tells you how many pages the average visitor through before leaving.
These are the metrics that truly matter!

Let’s start with our 3 suggestions to optimizing your conversion rate!




What do I mean? Simple, life is all about numbers and repeating the possibilities of success. By knowing your website statistics and conversion funnel you can increase the likelihood of purchases.

Understanding the ideal flow buyers take will help you increase the funneling of visitors to this flow. This is where understanding stats play a crucial role.

Let’s say a buyer typically does the following:

Spend 2 plus minutes on your website, visit 5 plus pages, and does it via mobile. This helps you understand what stages in the conversion funnel are important. The name of the game is to find the winning formula and try to replicate it as much as possible.

Create captivating CTA’s, introduce fresh content, you want visitors to spend AT LEAST 2 minutes and visit 5 pages, because that increases your conversion rate significantly.

Our first tip is simple… Understand what your BUYERS do and try to massively replicate it throughout your web presence.



2. Bouncing high is only cool on trampolines!

This one will be short and sweet…. Know this stat!

If your website is over 42% Bounce Rate you need to figure out why!


Here is a quick bounce rate check up list:

– Mobile Optimization (are you bouncing much higher on mobile devices?)
– Website Speed
– Image Optimization
– JavaScript
– jQuerys


If you don’t know what these items are, reach an online digital developer/expert like Absolute Web Services for a free webpage audit.



3. Consistency!

Beyond countable are the times I have spoken with online retailers that tell me

“We are doing AdWords, have great CTR + CPA, Visitor Traffic is Increasing, Low Bounce rate… BUT PEOPLE AREN’T BUYING!”

I hear this all the time and 50% of the time it’s because their AD Copy offers something their website does not reinforce.

If you are offering FREE SHIPPING on your AD, make sure your website reclaims it. Very simple!


With so many options online buyers have become a fickle bunch. A consistent message strategy from ad, landing page, product page, check out page, will increase your conversion rate and lower your cost per acquisition (CPA).


So those are our quick and easy 3 tips to optimizing your conversion rate! Let us know how it works out and as always, if you need any assistance reach out to Absolute Web Services!

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