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The One Must-Have Internet Marketing Tool

There are hundreds of great useful tools for internet marketers, and sometimes choosing the right tool may be confusing. It’s a fact that in the Marketing industry paid tools and services are –most of the time- better than free ones. But, what if you’re on a budget and can only afford one tool? Which one would you choose?

During our 15+ years of experience at Absolute Web Services, we’ve tried dozens of internet marketing and SEO tools, and we can say, that there is one service which covers over 80% of our needs: SEMrush.

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SEMrush is a service from SEO / SEM professionals for professionals. SEMrush has the knowledge, experience and data to help with web projects and competitors’ analysis. The system collects huge volumes of SERP data for more than 800 million keywords and 130 million domains, including: copies and positions of AdWords, organic positions for domains and pages, search volumes, CPC, number of results and much more. The service also provides the accurate and individual data for the rapid growth of special projects.


The main features:
• Organic positions of your competitors
• Rating by keywords with specificity by domains
• Research on text ads of your competitors
• Tracking the positions in the search
• Search for good keywords with long context
• Area comparison by keywords
• Comparison of various SEO metrics.
• Website audit tool
• Organic research analysis
• Compare multiple sites at once
• Advertisement research
• Various keyword metrics
• AdSense analysis
• Detailed statistics on PPC ads.
• Backlinks analysis
• Measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
• Research of key phrases
• Rating of competitors
• Search rankings and more


Who can benefit from using SEMrush?

SEMrush can offer solutions for experts in the internet marketing field.website-overview (1)

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals
• Technical SEO Audit
• Semantic core collection
• Position tracking
• Ideas for gaining more organic traffic
• Competitive intelligence
• “Not provided” problem solution
• Backlinks audit and analytics


For Pay Per Click (PPC) professionals
• Ads strategy analysis
• Keyword grouping and management
• Cross-group negatives optimization
• Ad keywords and creatives research
• Competition analysis


For Social Media Marketing (SMM) professionals
• See how social audience and engagement change over time
• Discover best-performing posts
• Compare how you perform against competitors
• Get instant insights into your social strategy


For Content Writers and PR professionals
• Collect brand mentions
• Seize new promotional opportunities
• Choose the most effective promotional channels
• Discover trending topics
• Adjust content based on engagement data
• Backlink audit and analytics


SEMrush Pros & Cons

• #1 keyword research tool
• Outstanding PPC analysis
• Powerful website audit and rank tracking tools
• Pages report helps to find new ideas for content
• Drag-and-drop report builder
• Affordable price
• Backlink data not as complete as some other dedicated link analysis tools like Ahrefs
• No separate API subscription; it’s available in the most expensive Business package only

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SEMrush is an extremely useful and adaptive tool, which allows you to research your website and that of your competitors’. The keyword research tool, the competitor audit, and other tools section are one of the most powerful on the market. There are always new tools coming out in the market place and sometimes it can seem as though there are an overwhelming number of tools to try out. At Absolute Web Services , we would certainly recommend SEMrush as one of the best tools to use for anyone working in the SEO and Internet marketing industry.



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