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3 Simple WordPress Plugins For Moderating Blog Comments

Many of you who have blogs and have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of comments each year and the majority of these comments will be spam. If you use WordPress based blog – you will probably need some plugins for moderating blog comments.

Some of you will find it easier to ignore all the comments, preferring not to deal with any of them. Others will allow all the comments to post whether they are genuine or spam.

Neither of these options are favorable if you are trying to grow your blog to be an authority.

If you decide to ignore and not allow comments at all this can actually harm the growth of your blog because if someone takes the time to write a comment, ask a question or leave some feedback how do you think they will feel if you did not take the time to write back? Or if you not approve their comment at all?

It is highly unlikely these people will return and if they do the chances of them taking the time to write a comment is slim to none.

On the other hand if you set your blog to auto approve you will get a boat load of spam comments and that too can harm your blog because if a genuine reader comes along and see’s you have comments that link back to adult sites or Viagra sites it will look extremely unprofessional.

Not to mention the comments read as if a 2 year old wrote them.

It may also affect your rankings if Google comes along and notices your blog links out to these adult, viagra, spammy websites.

So the only real solution is to moderate your comments. If you are on WordPress, there are several plugins available to help you protect your blog from spam.

I will cover a few of them below and why you should install them. You will be able to find all these plugins by doing a search inside of your Dashboard under “Plugins”

3 Plugins to Help with Spam  Comments:

1. Akismet Plugin: This plugin already comes installed on your blog once you install WordPress. It comes “inactive” so you do have to activate it and grab an activation key from the developers website for it to work.

Akismet is one of the best plugins out there for spam protection. It runs on 100% autopilot once it’s active and filter’s all the spam comments into your spam folder.

You can even set it to delete the spam comments after 30 days.

The only downfall to Akismet is that it may sometimes grab a genuine comment and put it in the spam folder as well. So you may want to manually go in once every 30 days and see if there are some real comments from real people.

It is not difficult to determine the general, spammy comments from genuine ones.

2. G.A.S.P Plugin: This plugin is another amazing spam blocker and the functionality is extremely simple.

All it does is add a “check this box to confirm you are not a spammer” function right below your comments box so people have to tick this box to be able to comment on your blog.

This plugin alone can help fight off a lot of spam.

3. CommentLuv: Now this is a great plugin that allows you to reward your genuine readers who leave a comment on your blog with a link back to the latest article on their blog.

So it’s not much of a spam protection plugin but more of a reward plugin for those who leave real genuine comments.

If the plugins above are not something you would like to give a try you can always follow the 3 steps below to further protect your blog:

1. Don’t allow anonymous posting.

2. Use the “nofollow” attribute for links in the comment field.

3. Don’t allow hyperlinks in comments at all.

That is pretty much it my friends and I hope you found this article helpful and you are able to protect your blog from all the spammers out there looking for a quick backlink.


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