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Microsoft is Also Collecting Records on Users

Did you know that Windows phone 7 like its counterparts Apple and Google collect records of the locations of its customers? So if you use any of these mobile operating systems, where ever you go and when ever you use your phone, this information is being collected.

The way the phones log the information is different, Google records the lasts few places that you have been using your phone where as Apple can record up to a years worth of information. Microsoft records its information on its servers.

The main point of concern is privacy. Is it right that if someone wanted to, they could monitor your where ever you are for an extended period of time? You may not mind if you are using your GPS app on your phone or you a looking up a needed service that you want close by. But we are sure you might feel differently if you were being watched for an undisclosed amount of time and all this information was being stored.

The police do not need a warrant to obtain this information from cell phone providers and these records have been used by law enforcement many times in the past. Congress is now looking into the matter and wants to hear from the above named cell phone companies to understand exactly how your information is being used.

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