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Custom Web Design for Mortgage Brokers

Competing in the world of mortgage brokering can be hard these days. After all, after the economic downturn resulting from the bursting of the housing bubble, real estate and related industries took a very long time to recover. But, now that they have been on an upward track for several years, many new competitors have joined (or rejoined) the marketplace, making competition for mortgage brokers fierce while the demand for these services still hovers well below pre-bubble conditions.

So, how does one stand out in a flooded marketplace with below average customer demand, especially if one is a small to mid-sized business? The best bet is to take a lesson from companies like Hypotec. Hypotec is a mortgage broker with locations in both Miami and Los Angeles. Although operating on both coasts, Hypotec uses a lean and efficient business model that keeps them categorized as a small business. But, Hypotec managed to survive the economic crisis while many giants of the industry fell, learning a wealth of valuable lessons along the way. Among them, the keys to success when building and marketing a mortgage broker website.

A Solid Foundation is Key

For Hypotec, it was important to have a website that was adaptable, feature rich, and able to make fluid changes when needed. As a result, they opted to use the ubiquitous WordPress platform as their content management system (CMS). WordPress powers millions of websites around the world and offers a rich host of options for social media integration, blogging, custom-designed themes and plugins, and much more.

This made for an excellent choice to satisfy Hypotec’s desire to present a beautiful and user-friendly Internet presence. From the moment one lands on their page, they are easily able to ascertain who Hypotec is, what they do, and what sets them apart in the marketplace. It will also allow them to adapt and change over time, staying abreast of modern trends in web design, both in terms of appearance and functionality. Thanks to the flexibility of WordPress, Hypotec will never have to experience lengthy down times while a programmer hand codes a new layout, meaning they will be available anytime their clients need them.

Strong SEO and Social Media Integration Are Critical to Visibility

In the modern digital marketplace it is critical to have a page that ranks highly on search engines. While this is a complicated process, Hypotec has followed a strategy of careful SEO and social media integration designed to bolster their visibility. This includes regular updates via blogging and content updates, regularly updated profiles on major social media sites, and an eye to carefully structured pages and posts full of relevant information and keywords. All of this, again, facilitated by their choice of content management system, plugins, and web development firm.

It is also a product of carefully building high-value backlinks. By creating a wealth of valuable and relevant information, other site owners cite to Hypotec as an authority on various topics. This, in turn, convinces search engines that Hypotec is the authority on those topics due to the relevance that other websites have placed on their content.

Email Marketing and Direct Interaction to Build Awareness

Of course, a passive website is not enough to build interest in most businesses, particularly in a competitive field like mortgage brokering. Thus, some direct interaction with existing or potential clients is usually warranted. In Hypotec’s case, this takes the form of a combination of interactive social media posts (designed to get people talking and sharing) and direct Email marketing. There are a wealth of services that provide free or very affordable mass Email solutions, but it is wise to engage the services of a professional design firm like Absolute Web Services to help with the layout and content for these communications. Professional designers and marketers are best at maintaining a strong, unified brand identity across various media, a consistent message in written communications, and an eye for detail that is sure to attract the attention of potential clients. These techniques have helped Hypotec to bring countless new visitors to their website each month with a much higher rate of conversion than they experienced prior to implementing these policies.


The world of mortgage brokering is a tough one in which to compete. To do the best job, it is necessary to consider important points for building a website, engaging in social media, SEO, and link building, and directly engaging with potential and existing customers. Even as a relatively small business, Hypotec has found great success implementing all of these policies with the help of Absolute Web Services, and their business has grown far in excess of market averages.

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