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5 Common SEO Terms You MUST Know

While visiting the world of SEO (search engine optimization), you may come across some strange words that may seem like they were written in some alien foreign language. Here are just a few of them and their definitions so that you can better understand SEO and how it works.

5 Words You Should Know For SEO:

1. Google Bomb – this is where a group of web masters might get together and change the meaning of a search term to something else that is usually comical. For example Anthony Weiner might come up if you searched for fallen stars etc.

2. Cloaking – this is a black hat technique which allows search engine spiders to see different content than human users who visit the site. Using this technique will definitely cause your website to fall in ranking.

3. Keyword Cannibalization – this is where you use the same keyword too many times on different pages through out you website. This confuses search engines as they don’t know which is the most important page to index relative to that keyword.

4. Google dance When Google changes its algorithm it causes a change in SERPs. This means that website owners have to change their site periodically to match what Google is looking for so they don’t see a fall in ratings.

This typically tends to happen for relatively new sites that are working to establish themselves as an authority in their niche but have yet to earn Google’s trust.

What will happen when Google is dancing with your site is you may see some first page rankings one day, then you’ll be on page 2, then page 10, then deindexed completely and then back to page 1 again.

This process can occur for several months while you are building your site, adding content, building backlinks and showing Google that you are growing your site.

5. Backlinks: This is a VERY popular term you will hear thrown around A LOT in SEO communities. To put it as simple as I can backlinks is the process of one website linking to another.

This is probably the most important piece to the puzzle when ranking your website. The more website’s that link back to your website the higher search engine ranking you will obtain. Assuming you are getting backlinks from good quality, high Pagerank websites.

These are just a few words that you will hear quite a bit in the SEO communities. There are a few other’s but for the sake of time and length of this post I can’t cover all of them today.

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