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Absolute Web Services Ranked Top 3 SEO Company in 2014

We like to try and stay humble, but this is too good to keep to ourselves. Absolute Web Services is now ranked in the top…
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Get Ranked: Five Strategies for Choosing Priority Keywords

In an ideal world, your business would come up on page one of Google with every keyword search that relates to a service or product…
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Keyword SEO Tool

The best things in life are free. We here at Absolute Web Services decided that the search engine optimization game could use a quality, free…
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SEO Vs SMO (or both?)

Getting traffic. If all internet-based business could be summed up in two words, “getting traffic” would be it. The businesses evolving around increasing traffic to…
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Be Local: Targeting Local Market

Most businesses are now fluent in all things web, but connection to the internet has come at a cost. For many, the local market is…
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Penguin 2.0: Understanding New SEO Site Optimization

Google has just released a new algorithm change designed to create more accurate search results for search queries. Although still called Penguin, the 2.0 iteration…
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The Future of SEO: Co-Citation

It seems like every time SEO strategies are firmly established, Google submits an algorithm change that changes the entire SEO game. For the most part,…
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Site Speed and Customer Retention

Design matters. But so does website speed. When a page loads slower than a turtle crossing a street, that page is unlikely to gain many…
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Standard Websites -vs- SEO-Based Websites

All websites are not at all created equal. A website that is not optimized for SEO purposes will definitely have a different impact on the…
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Can You Optimize Flash-Based Sites with SEO?

On the Internet, flash-based sites have become very popular. They, however, are not that friendly with SEO. There are ways that you can improve a Flash-based site with SEO to make them friendly.

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