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Why Video is So Important for Boosting Website Traffic

When you think search engines, you probably only think of traditional services like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. But, did you know that the second largest…
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Building a Website for Your International Audience

Here’s the thing, according to recent studies by Cisco Systems, “56% of the internet’s content is in English, but only 27% of its users come…
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Why More Businesses Are Opting for Full Service Digital Agencies

When we started our services 15 years ago, we set out to help businesses build an online presence. Over the past decade, navigating the web…
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We’ve Reached Google Partner Status: Certified with Satisfied Customers

For years, Absolute Web Services has been working with clients to set up Google AdWords campaigns that convert. Selecting targeted keywords, creating the right wording,…
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5 Reasons to Update Your Website

We’ve been designing websites for about 15 years now, and one thing remains a constant: internet trends change. Programming languages evolve, design aesthetics improve, and…
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Running Your Own Social Media and Building a Loyal Following

  One of the most powerful social media tools for small business is, well, you. People choose to spend their money and time with your…
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Ensuring Your Website Fits on Each and Every Screen

The “Multi-Screen” consumer is not a unicorn. The “Multi-Screen” consumer is nearly every consumer. Just think about this, how many types of screens are in…
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Get Ranked: Five Strategies for Choosing Priority Keywords

In an ideal world, your business would come up on page one of Google with every keyword search that relates to a service or product…
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Local Search Is Important, Here’s Why

Search is changing. The large universe of the web is becoming a small, locally focused one. Google, Yahoo, and now Bing are all changing how…
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Design Isn’t Easy, Free Web Design Icons Can Help

We all know web design is difficult. Every single element of a website is under scrutiny by customers, potential customers, and even potential affiliates. Headers,…
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