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Browser Compatibility: How Far Back Should You Go?

Backwards compatibility. Two words that haunt web developers in their dreams. Businesses want and need the peak of technology installed in their website to compete, but they also need to have a functional site for all users. Older versions of browsers like Internet Explorer can be incredibly volatile when it comes to new technology. At Absolute Web Services, we pay special attention to functionality with older technology to help provide proper service to all visitors.

So the question is, when it comes to your website, just how far back should you go with site compatibility?

 Browser Compatibility Check

The answer to the compatibility question? Go as far back as you can without damaging the majority user base experience. Right now, this usuallybrowser compatability means running compatibility checks all the way back to about Internet Explorer 7 and equivalent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Luckily, Chrome and Firefox users tend to stay more current, but older versions of Internet Explorer still see some use.

The web design team at Absolute Web Services designs websites that are easily accessible by as many users as is possible. Mobile users, cutting-edge technologies, and even older browsers can all use the sites we design without encumbrance. How do we do this you ask?

We leverage powerful, industry-standard tools to check functionality on a range of browsers. Just to be thorough, we also individually check multiple platforms from a variety of browsers manually, ensuring the best possible end-user experience.

A Quick Rule of Thumb

“As far back as you can” might not have been the answer you wanted. For a quick rule of thumb, go back at least 4 releases of IE and other major browser realizes. Why the ambiguity in backward compatibility? Browsers are CONSTANTLY changing, upgrading, and evolving. Staying on top of the latest releases can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

Fortunately for you, that’s why Absolute Web Services is here.

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