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A few tips to improve your blog

Blogs can be a key point in social media for your website and while we always say good content is key, here are a few tips that can help improve your blog even more.

Don’t forget to put pictures in your blog. People are very visual. The overall look of your blog will be better with a picture and believe it or not, people are more likely to read it and Google seems to like it better too.

Imagine your blog is like a good book. It needs a beginning or introduction, a middle, which should have at least two or three paragraphs and an ending. The ending should be more like a conclusion which should summarize the overall theme of your blog.  Make your blog easy to read, keep it simple and stick to the point that you are trying to make. Some times it helps to read your title a few times to make sure you are sticking to the point!

When you are explaining some thing don’t get too technical, it is easy to lose interest in reading something if you don’t understand what you are reading. The point of most blogs is to be short and to the point.  Most readers want the information that they need in just a few minutes before they move on. If they wanted to read an article or a book they would have chosen to read one.

If you can, it really helps to put in bullet points and sub headings. This will help your reader to pull out the information that the want easily and find the sections that most appeal to them, making your blog easy to read. While you may not like to hear it most people don’t read anything, they scan and pull out the relevant bits of info that they might need.

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