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4 Quick And Powerful SEO Marketing Survival Tips


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SEO marketing is a constant stream of change.

In 2014 alone, Google’s Panda updates wreaked a storm of havoc for thousands of website owners. Today, marketing experts are concerned with predicting what algorithm changes Google will roll out next.

These changes are of little concern to brands and websites who create a long-term sustainable SEO marketing plan using sound, long-proven tactics.

But it is important to keep in mind that these changes will continue to come in 2015 and beyond, so it is essential to be prepared for any future mishaps by making use of these four quick SEO marketing survival tips.

Quality Content Is Omnipotent

More updates means Google can better understand the difference between well-written original content from poor, unoriginal text. Online marketing success means placing an emphasis on high quality site content.

Google loves sites who consistently put out high quality engaging content for their readers. Good content puts you in Googles good graces, bringing you more web traffic, more business prospects, and eventually more revenue. Quality content is one SEO marketing tactic that will never die.

While keywords are still important, Google’s 2013 Hummingbird update changed the way with which keywords are used, looked at, and searched for by the consumer. Today people are using a more conversational style of searching for the information they are looking for, so long tail conversational style keywords should be used and implemented throughout all facets of your SEO marketing strategy.

In addition, other forms of content such as images, video, infographics, diagrams and the like are gaining more attention within digital marketing circles and should also be used.


Organic Outreach Builds Good Links

Google has devoted a large amount of time and resources towards ensuring people can not use links to manipulate their algorithms to achieve a higher page rank.

Even with this said, building backlinks is still an imperative part of achieving good results from an SEO marketing plan. The new way of benefiting from backlinks is simply by obtaining them organically.

Obtaining organic backlinks is extremely simple: Create engaging content people would want to share with their readers or social media friends, and they will naturally link back to the original content.

Just as important as obtaining quality links is avoiding harmful ones. Tainted backlinks from suspect sources could land you a few penalties from Google. SEO monitoring tools and services are great for making sure only authorized links from reliable sources are connected to your website.


Promote +1’s

Google+ is becoming a major player in social media marketing platforms. Every business website should establish a Google+ presence. Each year more and more people continue to sign up and use the site as their own personal blogging and business space.

In the coming years expect Google to give slightly higher preference with sites who consistently post insightful content on Google+, so gaining a following on the platform is imperative. Start encouraging more site visitors to give your content a +1 and to join your circle.


Harness A Brand Following

Online brand mentions are beginning to gain more weight as an important SEO marketing factor. Getting brand mentions involves getting other people to mention your brand on social media, other websites, and pretty much anywhere!

Google began the brand mention experiment a few years ago. And seeing as the way algorithms evolving and getting more sophisticated, brand mentions are starting to play a bigger role in Google’s algorithms.

A good way to go about getting brand mentions across the vast world wide web is by mentioning influential people related to your industry through a hyperlink across your pages, blog, social media platforms, etc.

Do this and then encourage them to do the same for your brand. High quality content is beneficial content. Providing content that is beneficial elevates a brands reputation, thus increasing the likelihood that you and your brand will be mentioned throughout various platforms.

There are literally hundreds of SEO factors that affect a websites Google page rank. The four SEO marketing tips mentioned above are all organic tactics that can be implemented into every digital marketing plan, no matter the size or nature of the business.



Not sure how to implement these four SEO marketing tactics into your brands online strategy? No problem! Feel free to contact us today!

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