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33 Topic Ideas for Your Small Business Blog

Most small businesses can benefit from a blog on their website, which keeps content fresh, makes sure search engines spider your website regularly and improves your website ranking. Still, you may find yourself stumped about what to write about. Here’s a look at some blog topics to keep your posts relevant and helpful to your readers.

  1. Look at an industry problem and address possible solutions.
  2. Review a book in your niche or industry, or make a top 10 list of industry-related books and magazines.
  3. Interview an industry expert and post the interview on your blog.
  4. Write a how-to article for your readers.
  5. Make a list of industry leaders or interesting people to follow on Twitter.
  6. Post a short video.
  7. Make a list of resources for readers.
  8. Show how a current event relates to your business or industry.
  9. Send out invitations for guest posts on your blog.
  10. Ask readers a question and then answer it on your blog. This may be a great way to start a discussion as well if you have a good following.
  11. Expose a problem or a common scam in the industry. For example, jewelry stores can discuss “gold parties” or how unscrupulous gold buyers use tricks to give you less money.
  12. Highlight a customer who has gained success.
  13. Make a poll on your Facebook business page or Twitter and then post these results to your blog.
  14. Discuss the pros and cons of an issue in your industry.
  15. Ask for readers and customers to send you new product ideas and then compile a list on your blog. Readers may then cast votes.
  16. Add a picture to your blog that’s related to your business and discuss it.
  17. Blog about a new sale coming up.
  18. Discuss the pros and cons of a product in your industry, or something you currently offer.
  19. Make a list of some must-read blogs related to your industry.
  20. Discuss charities your business supports.
  21. Discuss why your business is unique.
  22. Blog about events like the Olympics or holidays and how it relates to your business. Are you offering a special promotion?
  23. Make predictions about upcoming trends.
  24. Discuss the changes in your industry over the last decade or so.
  25. Make a list of your top 10 blog posts of the year, or highlight a particularly interesting post of the last month.
  26. Discuss myths in the industry.
  27. Show readers valuable and free resources to take advantage of.
  28. Create a week-long blog series about a popular topic in your industry.
  29. Share industry statistics with readers.
  30. Make a beginner’s guide related to your business.
  31. Create a post defining common terms in your industry.
  32. Write about the things you love about your particular industry.
  33. Create a press release and then publish it on your business blog.

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